70’s Inspiration with Style Tongue

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I started predicting before NYFW that we were going to see an influx of trends coming straight from the 1970s. It makes sense – the 70’s were a decade marked by global warming, economic strife, and strong left and right political feuds. Fashion mirrors pop culture in ways that we often don’t expect, and as […]

The Best Products for Your Winter Skin

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It takes no less than a labor of love to maintain healthy, glowing complexion during winter. From Chicago to New York, this year has been particularly brutal. New York is still getting snow, even as we’re a few weeks into “spring”, or at least our construction of when spring should start. My bathroom cabinet is […]

The Case for Visible Hair Roots

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I remember a conversation I had with my aunt when I was going into sixth grade. I desperately wanted to ditch the my natural dishwater blonde and add some chunky highlights to my look (I think Lizzie McGuire had them. Don’t judge. It was the early 2000’s). She waved a glass of iced tea at […]

Christopher Kane Opens London Flagship

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Christopher Kane has launched his first brick-and-mortar store on Mount Street in Mayfair, London, this past week. Kane, who has been a pinnacle of British fashion over the past five years, celebrated the flagship opening by shipping champagne in the new store along a gaggle of models and British fashion icons. Salma Hayek,Β FranΓ§ois-Henri Pinault, and […]

Timberland’s Mark Makers Event

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I’m normally always down for a good get-together or social outing, so I was definitely interested when Skirt PR sent me their invite to the Timberland’s Mark Makers Event. Timberland has just launched their spring collection and announced their new Mark Makers: artist Amanda Valez, photographer Kevin Russ, and style bloggers Joshua Kissi and Travis […]

Fashion Imitates Art in Macy’s Flower Show

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Macy’s annual flower show happens every year across the country – in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and San Fransisco – and turns an entire floor of the department store into a fabulously decorated garden. The theme changes every year, and this year’s does not disappoint.Β Art in BloomΒ turns decades of art movements and famous pieces […]