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What is Haute Couture?

Everyone knows what a runway show is - but do you know what a haute couture show is? Most people don't understand the difference between ready to wear and a haute couture collection. Haute couture is defined by a specific kind of fashion line that requires a minimum of twenty seamstresses and that designs all of it's pieces by hand. In lemans terms, it's cus[...]

Inside Fashion's Most Exclusive Buyer's Event

Fashion buyers are often boutique and business owners, who descend on the Stylemax convention every year to meet with multiple brands in one space. Their job? To spot trends, meet with as many vendors as possible, and buy wholesale merchandise for their store. Stylemax was held in Chicago on October 24-27th, in the infamous Merchandise Mart. Clothing brands [...]

Why You Should Stop Bitching About Unpaid Internships

Most people do not understand how breathtaking it is to stand in a room filled with almost ‎£1 million of clothing. However, I do. In 2014, I interned at one of London’s most prestigious fashion public relations firms, The Communications Store. I was working in a glittering showroom of marble and waifish models. It smelled like Chanel’s No. 5 and cigarett[...]