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Live streaming is the newest social media trend.

Periscope, one of the hottest new social media websites, has been giving Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a run for their money. Periscope, which offers live streaming, has been giving users more of what they want on the Internet – instant gratification. Facebook plans to rival Periscope, as the titan of social media launched their newest feature this week, Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows its users to live stream directly to all of their friends.

Although it seem as though Facebook is behind the game in announcing live streaming, they have one thing that Periscope doesn’t – a billion users.

Facebook has a history of introducing new apps and features that quickly dominate the other competitors on the market. Everyone remembers the outrage that came with having to download a separate Facebook Messenger application, but two months later, we use it like a text message.

Facebook has the research dollars and the market to research and test any application or feature that they want. Unfortunately, their size and ability to adapt allows them to view the App Store as a playing field. They simply have to see what’s trending, then send that idea over to their own research and development department.

But those billion users might be the thing that also ruins their live stream feature. On Facebook, connections are mutually decided upon through adding friends. Periscope allows you to hop onto any live stream, anywhere in the world, even if you don’t know them. Depending on the perimeters of this new feature, it may be more limited than Periscope.