Instagram's first ever advertisement was with Michael Kors.

Instagram’s first ever advertisement was with Michael Kors.

Michael Kors was one of the first companies to ever pay for an Instagram advertisement, which was met with mixed reviews. Some users claimed that the sponsored images in their newsfeed was disrupted. However, the company bet big again on Instagram’s newest advertising feature, video. Michael Kors ran a campaign in four countries, using the new advertising feature to introduce their new “Jet 6” shoe campaign. It paid off, as the advertisement saw over 20-point lifts everywhere it ran.

While Michael Kors is disregarded by many fashion lovers as being too “suburban” their advertising techniques are anything but.

The brand has become a powerhouse of accessories, bags, and apparel, and that kind of value turns into serious advertising dollars. But when it comes to exploring new avant garde forms of advertising, it is usually not new, avant garde brands that can afford it. Michael Kors has millions of dollars to spend on advertising dollars, and it a new advertising venture where to fail, it’s simply a little profit off the top.

It’s a cycle that allows these massive, mainstream brands to stay on top. By the time that the rates have adjusted and smaller corporations can afford new types of advertising, there’s already new trends available.