image-app-card-screenshots-5Twitter rolled out its newest feature, Moments, a few weeks ago. Moments is supposed to be considered as a “what’s trending” of Twitter, while a lot of users thought it was an irrelevant addition. A few days ago, Twitter reorganized their mobile application so the “Moments” button was once where the “Notifications” button was – causing a lot of users to get up in arms. Users accused Twitter of knowing exactly what they were doing, making users instinctively click on that button and promoting their new feature.

If there’s anything that this announcement has brought to people’s attention, it isn’t Twitter’s new feature, but rather how attentive social media users are becoming.

All that Twitter did was simply redesign their mobile application, dragging and dropping a few different buttons. But Twitter’s users immediately noticed what had happened and accused Twitter of unfairly trying to push their new feature on their users.

Today’s consumers are smarter than ever, traditional advertising techniques no longer work with them. The internet age and social media has allowed social media users to have a great understanding of the information put in from of them to process. That’s the catch – users process information now, they no longer blindly absorb advertisements. Or, in this case, new graphic design.