Taylor Swift's Instagram has 58 million followers.

Taylor Swift’s Instagram has 58 million followers.

In today’s digital currency, followers mean dollars. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Selena Gomez can charge up to $230,000 per Instagram post according to Ad Week. All of these celebrities boast millions of followers, and technology companies like D’Marie are used by advertisers and companies to evaluate how to properly pay bloggers and social media stars. Yet, skepticism remains, as other advertisers and public relations professionals are hesitant to pay that amount of money – or pay at all – for social media coverage.

Yet, as advertising and public relations has always been a cutting edge field, it seems ignorant to avoid the star power that these social media celebrities have.

Social media has become a life consuming trend for most millennials, and virtually every demographic can be found on various different social media sites. If an advertiser can nail down the source of their demographic, then paying this kind of money for social media coverage seems like a bargain.

If you are an advertiser looking to get your product in front of tween girls, then paying Taylor Swift for a sponsored Instagram will immediately get you in front of over 50 million of them. This kind of instant gratification and guaranteed exposure is something that is no longer offered by traditional means of advertising, such as television or print advertising.

Even Instagram rolled out sponsored images and advertisements in 2014. As television watching drops, social media is constantly on the rise – and there’s no denying the bottom line.